Our School

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Malvern Valley Primary School; a school with both a rich history and an exciting future.

We are a school with a strong and unrelenting commitment to ensuring each of our students reach their fullest potential. We enable this through a culture of high expectations coupled with a holistic focus on both wellbeing and academic development.

At Malvern Valley Primary School we believe that all students have the capacity and responsibility to make a meaningful and positive contribution to the world in which we live. We empower them to achieve this through a rigorous, rich and relevant curriculum, which is designed to challenge all students and provide them with the skills and understandings they will require to flourish in our school and as global citizens into the future. They engage in this curriculum in a contemporary and technology-rich environment, reflective of the world in which we live.

We inspire our students by ensuring our staff are exceptional role models. They similarly exist in a culture of high expectations and are supported to model strong habits of positive wellbeing and professional growth. I am very proud of the capacity of our staff and their collective commitment to being life-long learners.

We foster a high level of empathy in our students by enabling meaningful engagement within our community. Using technology enables us to communicate regularly with parents, for them to be engaged purposefully in their child’s learning and to be an outward facing, internationally-minded community school.

We are fortunate to have outstanding facilities, with expansive grounds and new and well-maintained buildings. Our school is exceptionally well-resourced which fosters a strong sense of pride and supports our expectation of excellence.

I am proud of our history of strong academic results, the success of our alumni in their future pursuits and the collective commitment to the journey we are on to be the most outstanding primary school we can be.

I trust that you will find this website houses a range of information that will inform you about our school. I encourage you, however, to attend a tour or make a time to meet with me, as there are many wonderful aspects of our school that a website cannot do justice to.

Together we strive to inspire and empower our students, enabling them to flourish as students and as empathetic members of our global community

Joshua Sheffield    I    Principal

Staff at MVPS

School Leadership:

Principal: Mr Joshua Sheffield
Assistant Principal: Mrs Amanda Howe

Office Staff:

Office Administrator: Mrs Irene Papanikolaou
Business Manager: Mrs Merryn Gould

Grade Teachers:

Prep: Miss Casey Gould & Miss Laura Crothers
Grade 1/2: Miss Jennifer Pritchard, Miss Lauren Frattin, Miss Lauren Newton & Mrs Melissa Pereira
Grade 3/4: Miss Sian Katsineris, Mrs Phillipa Fraser & Miss Stephanie Pollard (STEM Learning Specialist)
Grade 5/6: Mrs Marianne Carter and Miss Cassie Gibson

Specialist Subject Teachers:

Visual Arts: Mrs Tina Downard
Performing Arts: Mrs Mariana Surenian
Physical Education: Mrs Belinda Collins
Japanese/Music: Sensei Sayako Nakagawa
Reading Recovery & LEAP: Mrs Wendy Smythe


Support Staff:

Integration Aides: Rose Rowed, Candace Davenport, Julie Robinson, Leanne Frost, Helen Cunningham, Kerry Prendergast, Emma Boyce & Natalie Wikman
Library: Mrs Jo Alfano
Out of School Hours Care (OSHC): Kerry Prendergast, Tracey Fletcher, Chantelle S
Guidance Office: Ms Vivienne Seidner
ICT Technician: Mr Terry Daemon
Canteen Manager: Mrs Tina Johnston and Jacqui De Boer


Malvern Valley began in 1954 as Chadstone Park Primary School. In 2001 the school changed it’s name to Malvern Valley Primary School.

Chadstone Park Primary School

Chadstone Park was built on the current site in 1952, officially identified as State School 4669. Images below provide a view of the school from that time. Images are used with permission of the Stonnington History Centre.

Rebuilt School Buildings

In 2004 the Malvern Valley Primary school suffered serious fire damage. The school council and community worked closely with the Department of Education to design and build the new school buildings. In July 2006 we had an official ceremony to mark the move into the new buildings.

School Profile

Malvern Valley Primary School has a school population of approximately 275 students. The school is located in the inner-eastern suburbs, 13 kilometres from Melbourne and close to Chadstone Shopping Centre. Our average class size is under 23 students.

The school grounds include well maintained gardens, three basketball courts and asphalt areas, a grassed oval and Junior and Senior adventure play equipment.

A technology rich environment assists students to be engaged in their learning and allows them to apply their literacy and numeracy skills in innovative ways. The extensive ICT infrastructure at the school includes iPads, laptops and digital displays in every classroom.
The latest Annual Report for Malvern Valley can be accessed below.

Malvern Valley Way

The Malvern Valley Way puts our school values into action. Students and teachers spend some time each morning actively reviewing and demonstrating these values which are:


having regard for yourself, others & property


working together for the good of everyone


being able to bounce back and to make the most of a situation when unexpected things happen


having faith and trust in yourself

In our community these values are demonstrated when:

  • Students have the opportunity to learn in a positive, caring environment and are encouraged to become self-motivated, life-long learners
  • Effort and success are acknowledged and celebrated
  • Teaching and learning programs support all students to learn and to develop a range of skills and strategies that enable them to be critical and creative thinkers
  • Every student is encouraged to achieve their personal best and show a commitment to improvement in skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • Students are encouraged to work co-operatively and collaboratively with their peers and other members of the school community, and to be active and responsible citizens
  • Students are expected and empowered to develop responsibility for their learning and behaviour & feel secure in accepting challenges
  • Diversity enriches our school and is valued and respected
  • Partnerships between students, staff, parents and the wider community are fostered

Term Dates & Hours


Term 1: 30th January – 29th March
Term 2: 16th April – 29th June
Term 3: 16th July – 21st September
Term 4: 8th October – 21st December

Refer to Victoria Online for further details.

Classes run from 9am to 3.30pm.

The playground is supervised:

  • Before school 8:45am – 9am
  • Morning recess 10:40am – 11:10am
  • Eating lunch 12:50pm – 1:00pm (class teacher)
  • Lunchtime 12:50pm – 1:50pm


Please note that children who are unattended at 3.45pm will be placed into After School Care and charges will apply for this service.

On the last day of each term, school finishes at 2.30pm after an all school assembly.

The Library is open during Monday and Friday lunchtimes.

On wet days and extremely hot days all students remain indoors under teacher supervision.

Malvern Valley & Phoenix Park Precinct

We are part of an exciting precinct here in Malvern East which provides learning from birth to 12 years old as well as learning opportunities for teens through to adults.
The Precinct includes:


We are very proud of our well-kept grounds, oval and our modern, functional buildings. Please browse the the photos on this page to see what the school community enjoys the use of each school day. Our most recent addition is The Centre, a multi-purpose centre incorporating a large open space and a well-equipped canteen. The Centre is used for all of school assemblies, performances, indoor Physical Education and other school community events.

Working Bees
Each year we run 4 working bees, one per term and we ask parents to attend 2 working bees each year. During the working bees we complete projects which will enhance the school environment for our children.

Working bees run from 9am – 11am with a morning tea provided afterwards. The exact dates are published in the Newsletter and aim to occur in the 2nd or 3rd week of each term.

Some parents are unable to attend the working bees so they pay a grounds contribution which is put towards employing people to do specialist jobs which can’t be done at the working bee.

Sister School

Out sister school is Ishin Elementary School, located in Soja-city in the Okayama prefecture.
Our relationship with the school is ever-growing, with our Japanese teacher visiting in 2016, and the school now having a page within their website dedicated to communicating with MVPS.