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Parent Participation

We have a strong tradition of parent participation at Malvern Valley as we view the education of students as a partnership between home and school. Our families take great pride in being involved not only with our school – but also our local community.

The opportunity to be involved in school activities is available to all parents and is encouraged in a wide variety of situations:-

  • Parents Association
  • Fundraising activities
  • Working bees
  • Canteen
  • Attending education evenings
  • Classroom assistance with Literacy activities.
  • Excursions
  • Assistance with other class activities
  • Sports training, including Active After School activity supervision
  • Perceptual Motor Program
  • School Council
  • School Council Sub – Committees

School Council

The School Council is made up of representatives of parents, teachers and the wider community. School Council together with the Principal are responsible for managing the school. Schools are now self-managing and responsible for the decisions made.

Some of the School Council duties include:

  • To offer advice to the Principal regarding general educational requirements of our school community.
  • To generally oversee the maintenance and care of the school buildings and grounds.
  • To ensure all necessary services are maintained.
  • To supervise expenditure of monies derived from levies, voluntary contributions, fund-raising and Government grants.
  • To generally stimulate interest in the school and support the staff.
  • To provide additional equipment and facilities not provided or funded by the Government, to enhance children’s learning opportunities.

School Council meets once a month during the school year and must meet at least 8 times a year. The scheduled meetings are present on the Events page of this website and attached below for reference. In order to organise and carry out the various responsibilities and duties of the Council, various sub-committees operate. At Malvern Valley Primary School we have the following sub-committees: Finance, Building and Grounds, Education & Policies, Promotions, OHSC.

Elections for the School Council are held in Term 1 every year. The election period and results are notified via the school newsletter. Additionally if you are interested contributing to any sub-committees please contact the principal of a school council member.

School Council members in 2018 are:

Principal: Mr Joshua Sheffield
President: Mr Adam Scott
Vice President: Mrs Vicki Christofilopoulos
Secretary: Mr Anthony Lamb
Treasurer: Mr Simon Barwick


Mr Adrian Perillo-Phipps

Mr Konstantin Ilinov

Mrs Jodi Williams

Mr Peter Barber


DET Members:
Ms Sian Katsineris
Mrs Amanda Howe
Ms Casey Gould

Parents’ Association

The Parents Association (PA) is an important part of the Malvern Valley Primary School community. It brings together various elements of the school community – parents, teachers and friends (grandparents, extended family, local community groups, etc.) – to build a sense of community through social events, working as a coordinated group, and contributing to the school through fundraising activities.

The PA provides an opportunity to be involved in a way that suits you. Our intention is for you to become more familiar with the broader school community, get to know other families, make friendships, and get a sense of satisfaction for a job well done.

The PA meets monthly and the scheduled meetings are listed on the Events page of this website.

Current Membership of the PA Committee for 2018:

President: Eva Rado
Vice Present: Jo Lamb
Secretary: Binh Luong
Treasurer: Julie Scott
Up to 10 members of the School Community as General Members.

Friends of Malvern Valley

We are all thrown obstacles during our journey through life and sometimes a little help from our friends makes a world of difference. Within our small community, we occasionally have families in need of support.

The aim of “Friends of Malvern Valley” is to anonymously assist these families according to their needs. This can be achieved in many ways, such as providing meals, picking up or dropping children off, donating clothing, books or toys etc.
If you would like to become a “Friend of Malvern Valley” and help out deserving families, please register your interest here.

If you need some assistance, please contact the principal who will co-ordinate with the PA.

Policies & Procedures

The School Policies are statements of the schools aims, general principles and an overview of the arrangements made to achieve them. They are developed and reviewed by the Education & Policies Sub Committee of School Council as needs and circumstances change. The School Policies undergo continual reviews. Parents are invited to draw the attention of the Education & Policy Sub Committee to items of policy needing attention. Copies of all school policies listed in this database below are available in the Policy Folder located at the school office. Those with asterisks are available via the links below.

Policy Database

Anaphylaxis *
Asthma *
Bullying Prevention *
Camps *
Child Safe Standards *
Class Formation *
Criminal Record Checks
Curriculum Framework *
Cyber Safety *
Disabilities *
Drug Education *
Electronic Funds Management
External Providers
First Aid *
Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality
Head Lice *
Hire of Facilities
Homework *
Parent Involvement *
Parent Payments *
Raising Concerns & Complaints *
Senior Sport Allocation
Social Media Guidelines *
Student Engagement & Inclusion *
Sun Smart *
Transition *
Uniform *
Visitors to School *
Volunteers *


Anaphylaxis Policy
Updated in 2016


Asthma Policy
Updated in 2015


Camp Policy
Updated in 2017


Class Formation Policy
Updated in 2017


Cyber Safety Policy
Updated in 2017


Disabilities Policy
Updated in 2015


Drug Education Policy
Updated in 2017


First Aid Policy
Updated in 2017


Head Lice Policy
Updated in 2015


Home Learning Policy
Updated in 2016


Parent Involvement Policy
Updated in 2016


Parent Payments Policy
Updated in 2016


Social Media Guidelines
Adopted in 2016


Sun Smart Policy
Updated in 2015


Transition Policy
Updated in 2014


Uniform Policy
Updated in 2017


Visitor Policy
Updated in 2016


Volunteer Policy
Updated in 2016

School Uniform

School uniform at Malvern Valley Primary School is to be worn at all times (including school excursions). Occasionally, casual dress days are declared (often at the initiative of our students to raise funds for worthy causes.)

Hats are worn from September through to April inclusive.

Please see the below overview of uniform items or consult the Uniform Policy for further information.

Malvern Valley Primary School uniform is available at Surrey Clothing in Surrey Hills. Orders can be placed online via their website and delivered to the school. From their website enter the initial Username ‘MVP’ and the Password ‘MVP’ (these are case sensitive, use UPPERCASE) as per the instructions detailed below.

Surrey Clothing is an Australian owned family business. With over 40 years manufacturing experience we have established a solid reputation and pride ourselves on our commitment to quality.

Classroom Helpers

All schools greatly appreciate classroom helpers who assist positively with the implementation of the school’s programs. Classroom helpers however must comply with the school’s expectations and practices.


  • Our school encourages the assistance of classroom helpers in a wide variety of areas.
  • Invitations for helpers to assist in the school’s programs will be regularly made via the school’s newsletter, or through personal contact.
  • Classroom helpers will be briefed by the teacher in charge as to their roles and responsibilities prior to commencement. At the same time matters of supervision and safety will also be discussed.
  • The school will conduct formal programs, such as Classroom Helpers, to skill and prepare classroom helpers.
  • All Classroom helpers will be required to sign into the school and wear an identifying name badge.
  • For all other purposes, classroom helpers are volunteers and are to be treated in accordance with the school’s Volunteers Policy.

All Classroom helpers assisting in school programs must undergo a Working with Children Check [WWCC] and be registered in accordance with the current legislation. This registration must be current at the time of assisting in classrooms. It is free to apply for registration. A passport-sized photo is required for your application.

Classroom Coordinators
Each class has two parents who have volunteered to be Class Coordinators. Their role is to maintain a roster of Class Helpers, assist with supervising students on excursions and/or help to organise additional parents to help on excursions. Class Coordinators also take turns to run one of the four end of term sausage sizzles enjoyed by the school community.


The Parents Association operates a canteen service every Friday.

Malvern Valley has an emphasis on Healthy Eating so items on the menu which are the healthier options are marked and students choosing these are given a raffle ticket. A prize is drawn each month.

Parents are asked to complete their child’s lunch order via the QuickCliq website by 8.30am on the day of canteen. Students are asked to place their reusable lunch bag (available for purchase via online canteen) into the lunch order baskets in the classroom at 9am. Paper bags can be used for canteen orders but the reusable lunch bags are far sturdier, self-standing and a more practical option.

The Canteen Price List and labels for the Special Lunch Order Bag can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The canteen relies on volunteers and your support in helping on Canteen days will be appreciated. Please go to SignUp to pick a slot that works for you or contact Jacquie or Tina to nominate a time. Roster times are 9am-11.30am & 11.30am-2pm.

Parent Information Booklet

The Malvern Valley Primary School Information Booklet has a lot of information for parents. Please click the link below to download a copy.

Parent Education

Parent Update Newsletter

Parent Update is a free email newsletter provided by the Department of Education so that parents can keep in touch with what is happening in the Victorian education system so they – and their children – can get the most out of their schooling experience. Find out what is happening in Victorian government schools and how you can participate in your child’s education.

Head Lice

Parent will be notified by the school to come and pick their child up for treatment if the lice are noticed at school as head lice require appropriate treatment before your child/children return to school. The form required to be completed is available from the Notices page. If you find lice at home please still notify the class teacher as this allows us to inform other parents so they can check their child/children’s hair.
If you receive notification of lice in your child’s class, please check his or her head as the only way to reduce head lice is to have everyone checking regularly. Further details can be obtained from the Department of Education website or the attachment below.


Restorative Practices Parent Session – Presentation Slides
Attached is a copy of the slideshow that David Vinegrad of Behaviour Matters used at the Parent Information Session.